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bella Schneiderman

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deanna pandolfo

Jessica santa

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sam colosi

alexa tsoukalas


about THE JUNIOR company

The Koin & Co Junior Company is comprised of select dancers ages 16+ from the Junior Training Program. They are dancers that not only exhibit exquisite technical efficiency but have a maturity to their performance and high professionalism, that set them a part from other young dancers. The Junior Company members are not only a handful of the most diverse dancers, but are some of the truly nicest kids in town!

Aside from their weekly training, these dancers receive extra one-on-one classes with guest/master teachers, practice submissions, close reel & resume help and have various opportunities to create a network of connections within the industry. The directors are extremely tough on the JC, as they want to instill the upmost professionalism and give them as many learning lessons as possible. Ali's philosophy for the Junior Company is "she should be the hardest teacher in your training, so you're set up for a future filled with nothing but positive success."


Last season, the JC was invited to perform as a guest company for Artistic Dance Exchange's Gala, honored to be recognized as a "Stand-Out" at Artists Simply Human and performed at Peridance Capezio Center's Spring Showcase. This season the Junior Company will return to ADE as a guest performance, as well as Peridance's Spring Semester, the Spring Jazz Festival and will be a guest performance at Broadway Dance Center's showcase.


Aside from training & performing, Koin & Co provides the JC with many real-life auditions & submission opportunities, giving the dancers the experience to actually work in the industry which leads to some of their first paid work. The goal is for the dancers to train and graduate from Koin & Co with actual experience under their belts, as to be prepared for absolutely anything the future can throw at them.

The Koin & Co Junior Company is the next generation of successful, working dancers!